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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Mission Statement

myATUNE has been developed by ATUNE Health Centres to offer you the most complete and individual health care possible.

myATUNE is designed to allow you to access up to date and highly accurate information and advice regarding your specific health complaint. Information prescribed to you on myATUNE is specifically tailored to your needs at that particular time and can be adjusted and added to as your health care provider sees fit.

myATUNE provides health practitioners at ATUNE Health Centres with an easy and accessible communication and educational tool to improve the level of care they are able to provide.


This forum is operated by ATUNE Health Centres for the practitioners and clients of ATUNE Health Centres. Access to this forum is restricted to these users only.

User Agreement and Application of Terms of Use

Your use of myATUNE and/or your acceptance without modification of the terms, conditions, and notices contained herein constitutes your agreement to all such terms, conditions, and notices. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions then you are not authorised to use myATUNE.

These Terms of Use constitute the entire agreement between you (the User) and ATUNE Health Centres with respect to this myATUNE.


myATUNE is provided as a free service for the staff and clients of ATUNE Health Centres.

All information presented to clients through this forum is designed specifically for the use of that client only. ATUNE Health Centres accepts no liability for the use of information or material found on myATUNE by anyone other than the client that information is directly given to. Similarly, ATUNE Health Centres accepts no liability for the incorrect use of information or material given to a client by that client.

ATUNE health practitioners are not able to be contacted through myATUNE. All questions regarding your health care must be directed through reception staff at an ATUNE Health Centre.

myATUNE is designed to give the client the most holistic health care possible. Information prescribed to clients through myATUNE is designed to complement their current health care and is not designed to replace their current therapy in any way.

Terms and Conditions

All information posted on myATUNE is the sole property of ATUNE Health Centres and must not be reproduced, redistributed, republished, sold, modified or displayed under any circumstances without the prior written consent of ATUNE Health Centres. Such actions will result in the user being banned from myATUNE services.

Any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-oriented material, or any other material that may violate any applicable laws is forbidden on myATUNE. Posting such material may lead to the user being immediately and permanently banned.

The administrators and moderators of myATUNE have the right to remove, edit, move or close any topic at any time should they see fit.

Users must only access myATUNE through their own user name. Allowing another person to use your username may lead to your username being blocked or cancelled.


Practitioner users must ensure all posts adhere to ethical and privacy standards. When discussing case presentations, no identifying information is to be shared within myATUNE. A clients identity may only be used in this scenario when the prior written consent of that client has been given.

Practitioners may only share specific client information in the Interpractitioner Referral forum.